OMG Tanning

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OMG Tanning products have been selected to offer our clients a quick, nice smelling tan which is free of streaks and non- sticky.  DHA (dihydroxyacetone is a British produced product developed to give you that deep bronze holiday tan you crave.  With the added benefit of Aloe Vera, your tan not only looks expensive but it soothes, hydrates and softens the skin as well.  In short, this is the most superior tanning product available on the market today.

With a wide range of solution strengths, OMG is designed to suit all skin types with the added benefit of a range of fragrances to suit all tastes.  Unlike other tanning products, OMG does not exhibit stale smells when it starts to develop and it is fast drying so you can quickly get on with your day.  Colour strengths are; 9, 12, 16, & 20%, fragrance flavours are; Cherry, Tropical Coconut, Vanilla Cream and Sublime Chocolate.


Full Body