How to loose stomach fat

How to loose stomach fat as a non-invasive treatment, Lipoglaze (Lovelite Ice) is a non-surgical procedure of permanent fat removal from the body and is offered as an alternative to liposuction. Lipoglaze provides clients with the option of spot fat removal without a surgical procedure.  This is not achievable through exercise alone and delivers permanent results.

The most popular target areas are the back, front and inner thighs, chest (man boobs), arms, tummy, flanks (hips) and abdominal area.  This treatment is a safer alternative to liposuction that can even be performed in your lunch hour with virtually no side effects or scarring.  Temporary after effects may include some light redness, bruising tenderness, tingling and a cramping dulling sensation.  There is never any risk of infection and the recovery time associated with traditional surgical procedures and you are free to carry on with your day as normal.


£495 per treatment (second treatment half price when booked at the same time)

A full complimentary consultation is required to establish how many treatments may be required to reach the desired results in a specific target area.

Payment plans are available upon request.