Anti-Wrinkle Injections & Dermal Fillers

"People will stare, make it worth their while"

Harry Winston

Wanting to look your best is something we are very passionate about and something we want to help you achieve. Here at Lipolicious, we offer the latest in non-surgical beauty treatments.  For some of us, the youth gene has been kinder than for others, so for those of us who need a little assistance in the ‘staying youthful’ department, you can rely on Lipolicious to help. Our qualified nurses specialise in anti wrinkle injections and fillers and offer complimentary consultations.

Dermal Filler

An instant way to smooth out lines, restore facial volume and create a younger looking  you. Using only natural products found in the skin, a series of small injections are used to smooth away any feathery lines whilst lifting deeper lines and supporting & adding volume to the skin.


One Area

Lip Enhancement & Definition

For extra softness and youthful fullness to the lip area dermal-filler has been specifically designed.

Top Lip
Both Lips

Relaxing Line Injections

Predominantly for the softening and smoothing of expression lines, for example the frown, forehead and laughter lines, this quick procedure will eliminate those tiresome ageing lines leaving the face looking and feeling refreshed, revitalised and youthful.

One Area
Two Areas
Three Areas


Dermaroller therapy provides micro-medical skin needling, a procedure that stimulates the skin so it regenerates and repairs itself naturally & safely.  This creates a brighter, healthier, smoother and younger looking skin.  It is most effective for;

  • Stretch marks
  • Aged and sun damaged skin
  • Acne scars
  • Facial & décolleté wrinkles & lines


Per Treatment
Series of 3 Treatments

Recommended: A series of three treatments is recommended for the very best results.

Thread Vein Treatment (For Legs)

This procedure is effective for the treatment of thread veins by a series of micro injections administered directly to the problem area.


Hyperhidrosis Treatment

According to the NHS, hyperhidrosis affects about 3% of the population of England and is a condition causing excessive sweating. It is usually found in a specific area, often the hands, feet, face or armpits.  Most sufferers are unable to control sweat levels by the usual means and even the strongest antiperspirants are not effective leaving sufferers often embarrassed and in extreme cases needing a constant change of clothes.

Botox injections are administered to the problem areas and it works by blocking the receptors that carry message from the nerve to the sweat gland.  The injections are superficial just under the skin to the target the sweat glands and not to the muscle areas.  The treatment gets to work immediately and within seven days there will be no more embarrassing sweat problems.


DermaQuest Skin Peels

DermaQuest skin therapy products are formulated using the highest quality ingredients and most advanced technologies.  Treatments are safe, effective and no down time is required.  DermaQuest products achieve superior results in treating a broad range of skin conditions.  It is widely believed that DermaQuest products are of the most advanced formulas available due to the following seven factors;

  • Paraban free products
  • State of the art delivery systems
  • Innovations
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Layering technologies
  • Level of ingredients

The results are;

  • Boost elastin and collagen production
  • Correct uneven skin tone
  • Improve skin texture
  • Remove excess of dead skin
  • Reduce signs of acne
  • Increase cell renewal


A full complimentary consultation is required prior to all of the treatments listed above.