Fitness & nutritional balance are possibly the most important factors towards making you look and feel great whilst giving you more energy and better sleeping patterns.  Because of people’s busy lifestyles they can also be the hardest to manage and maintain.  With quick fix diets and convenient foods, the body can quickly become exhausted which in turn makes you irritable and running off false energy leading to weight gain.

Although finding the right balance can be difficult, it is by no means impossible.

Due too busy schedules, many people turn to fad dieting.  Although this can sometimes work for a little while and in some cases show initial dramatic results, when stopped or altered slightly, the weight loss will quickly return and in most cases additional weight is added as the body fights to build up it’s reserves.

Whatever your realistic goals, it can be achieved, whether you simply wish to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle mass.  At Lipolicious, we can guide you through this process by providing you with a personal fitness and nutritional plan.  All plans are written by fully qualified & industry recognised professionals in the areas of nutrition & fitness.  We can help you realise your full potential with a holistic lifestyle based approach where success can be achieved by all.


  • Strength & Toning
  • Improved over all confidence
  • Core stability
  • Increased flexibility
  • Weight loss
  • Improved Health & wellbeing
  • Higher energy levels
  • Body flexibility